Lactobacillus buchneri genome paper - Journal Bacteriology cover pic

July 13, 2011

The recent publication of the genome sequence in Journal of Bacteriology has garnered the cover image for the journal.  The picture is of a biorefinery in Illinois from where the strain was isolated. This work is a collaboration between researchers at USDA ARS in Peoria IL and Dr. Mills.

PNAS review garners cover pic

July 08, 2011
PNAS issue containing a milk glycomic review includes cover pic of B. infantis

Bokulich receives ASBC scholarship

July 08, 2011
Food science grad student Nick Bokulich obtains a scholarship from the American Society for Brewing Chemists

Recent PNAS paper profiled

October 28, 2010

Congrats to Marco Ventura and Francesca Turroni of the University of Parma, Italy on their recent PNAS paper describing how Bifidobacterium bifidum consumes host glycans (including human milk oligosaccharides).  This work was recently profiled in GenomeWeb Daily News