Dave Sela awarded John Kinsella Memorial (dissertation) Prize

Dave Sela with award

David Sela, who recently obtained his PhD in Microbiology, is the 2010 winner of the  John E. Kinsella Memorial Prize for the best dissertation from the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.   

Here is a comment from one of the Kinsella Prize committee members who was quoted in the award letter.

 "David's proposal to me best matches the intent of the Kinsella award and is closest to John's own field of interest.  But more importantly it is interesting, relevant and above all top notch research.  In my opinion this is one of the leading fields in the future as we now beginning to focus on the functionality of foods and eating to prevent disease and optimize health not merely to provide basic nutrition............All things considered I think David would be an admirable ambassador to continue John's legacy"

Congrats Dave!   We are all very proud of you.