mBio paper profiled

July 13, 2016

Nick Bokulich's recent paper in mBio has attracted some media attention from numerous outlets including:

Cell paper profiled

April 17, 2016

A paper in Cell from Dr. Jeff Gordon's lab which involved a UC Davis team of researchers (including UCD professors Mills, Lebrilla and Barile) has been profiled in a number of venues.  This research also involved researchers and milk oligosaccharides from Hilmar Cheese.

Zach Lewis's Paper on Bifidobacterial Species QC profiled

November 26, 2015

Zach Lewis's paper demonstrating a new method for differentiating B. longum subsp. infantis from B. longum subsp. longum and it's use to test various probiotic label claims is getting some attention from the press.

Liver Cancer-Gut Microbiome work profiled by Synthesis

May 04, 2015

The work by Dr. Yvonne Wan with Dr. Carolyn Slupsky and Dr. Mills to examine the influence of the gut microbiome on the onset liver cancer was recently profiled by the UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center magazine Synthesis.   In this work the researchers will test if milk glycans and Bifidobacterium infantis can dampen inflammation and thereby lower incidence of liver cancer.